The Power of Who and Why: How Two Simple Questions Can Increase Your Kids’ Media Savvy

By |November 30, 2023|

By Tylar Bloch When you’re reading the news, it’s easy to take the facts at face value. This is especially true when news comes in the form of social media posts and videos, where information can be presented enticingly and without much of the context needed to fully capture [...]

Talking with your child about outbursts and games

By |November 7, 2023|

By Jacob Aldrich As children are becoming more and more involved in screens and technology, there has also been another situation which has been seeing more and more increasingly: loud, often angry outbursts from otherwise calm and happy children. With the recent popularization of games such as Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft, [...]

Cyberbullying and Youth

By |October 26, 2023|

By Kristie Kakos Since the start of chat rooms, social media platforms and any back-and-forth communication between two, or more individuals cyberbullying started evolving. Personally, I come from the “millennial” generation. This generation is considered “digital natives”. We have seen rapid technological growth. This would be such as computers [...]

AI Scams on the Rise

By |October 18, 2023|

By Stephanie Olson Invasive technology, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become more and more normalized in society today with digital voice assistants like Siri, through social media to personalize your feed, through face recognition to open an iPhone, and more. AI has been used by dangerous people to [...]

The Attacks in Israel as Seen on Social Media: A Reminder to Contextualize Violence for Kids

By |October 10, 2023|

By Tylar Bloch The recent tragedies in Israel have reverberated throughout the internet, as the gruesome events are being captured, uploaded, and reshared by netizens around the globe. Consider the video of an Israeli soldier being dragged out of a tank that circulated on social media. Or a post on [...]

Keeping An Eye Out For Internet Scams: Signs and Warnings

By |September 29, 2023|

By Jacob Aldrich A Kentucky woman recently thought she had found a once-in-a-lifetime connection with Stranger Things star Dacre Montgomery after apparently  meeting with the star on an online forum. But she was dismayed when she found out she had been scammed, and even worse: she had left her husband [...]

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