Why Banning Smartphones at School Sends the Wrong Message to our Kids About Digital Citizenship

By |July 18, 2023|

By Tylar Bloch Schools across the country are tightening up their policies to minimize smartphone use, ranging from full-fledged smartphone bans to stricter guidelines around what constitutes permissible smartphone use during school hours. Research done in 2020 by the National Center for Education Statistics suggests that smartphone bans were implemented [...]

Parents: What You Should Know About the Surgeon General’s Advisory on Social Media

By |June 8, 2023|

By Tylar Bloch Last month, the US Surgeon General issued an advisory on social media and its impact on the mental health of young people. This breakthrough advisory has received widespread recognition for its highly visible stance on the health risks associated with social media. Over the past few [...]

Welcome to Digital Parenting: What You Need to Know to Protect and Support Your Little One Online

By |May 18, 2023|

By Megan Farnam. Most adults use technology, in some form, throughout their day. It can help to make tasks easier and more efficient. It can be a form of entertainment or a way to connect with others. We use technology to help keep children entertained and quiet while the adults [...]

Netflix Docuseries “Web of Lies: Sextortion” Discussion Questions

By |April 25, 2023|

By Ellie Halpert The fourth episode of Netflix’s Docuseries, “Web of Make Believe: Death, Lies, and the Internet,” features one major warning: What you put on the internet stays on the internet. This case takes place in the small town of Belmont, where high schoolers are highly involved in the [...]

How Kids FEEL About Their Online Worlds Is More Important Than What They Do Online

By |April 4, 2023|

At Savvy Cyber Kids, we get a lot of questions about gender based technology habits - if they differ from one another or if there are more risks for one than another. Articles and studies, including a recent one from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, will posit that [...]

Netflix Docuseries “Web of Lies: I’m Not A Nazi” Discussion Questions

By |March 23, 2023|

By Ellie Halpert The third episode of Netflix’s cyber-warning docuseries, “Web of Make Believe: Death, Lies, and the Internet,” features a young woman and her descent into the alt-right and Nazi subculture. The episode discusses the idea that we are in an informational crisis, where it is impossible for [...]

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