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Each week, we select several cyber safety and internet safety news feed articles to highlight on our social media accounts. Seen with a cyber ethics lens, these selected articles keep us abreast of when technology is used for bad—to inspire us to be aware and make necessary changes in our homes and at our schools. Conversely, when technology is used for good, let’s read all about it, celebrate the successes and bring these lessons to the forefront of our Tech Talk conversation starters.

Teen Girls Confront an Epidemic of Deepfake Nudes in Schools

🏫 Boys using AI to create and share non-consensual deepfake nudes of female classmates. Schools must implement policies against this abusive act.
❓ What policies or measures do you think schools should implement to prevent the exploitative misuse of AI technology?
#studentharassment #AIpolicies #cyberbullying

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How to Protect Yourself (and Your Loved Ones) From AI Scam Calls

🔒Protect Yourself from AI Scam Calls! Scammers are getting smarter, but you can outsmart them by knowing what to look out for.
❓ What measures do you take to protect yourself and your loved ones from potential AI scam calls in today's digital age?
#aiscams #securitytips #protectyourself

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11-year-old boy to stand trial for mother's murder, motive suspected to be VR headset

💔11-Year-Old Boy to Stand Trial for Allegedly Killing His Mother Over a VR Headset.
❓ How do you think technology impacts the way we perceive reality?
#virtualrealitytragedy #onlinesafety #protectourkids

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FTC Data Spotlight: New insights about imposter scams

🚨 FTC Data Spotlight reveals new insights into imposter scams! From fake alerts to phony notices, scammers are evolving their tactics. Arm yourself with knowledge to recognize and avoid these schemes.
❓ What steps do you take to protect yourself from imposter scams, especially considering the evolving tactics highlighted in the recent FTC Data Spotlight?
#imposterscams #cybersecurity #stayinformed

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Almost One Child In Six Is Cyberbullied: WHO Europe

😞 WHO Europe report shows a concerning rise in cyberbullying among adolescents. With virtual interactions becoming more prevalent, it's crucial to address this issue and prioritize the well-being of our youth.
❓ What steps do you think communities, schools, and families should take to address the rise in cyberbullying among adolescents, as highlighted by the recent WHO Europe report?
#stopcyberbullying #youthmentalhealth #protectourkids

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Four Canadian school boards sue TikTok, Meta and Snapchat

📢 Breaking News: Canadian school boards take action against social media giants. Lawsuits filed against TikTok, Meta, and Snapchat highlight the urgent need to protect students from the harmful effects of excessive social media use.
❓ What other steps do you think should be taken to ensure a safer online environment for our children?
#protectourkids #socialmedialawsuit #youthmentalhealth

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Security Flaw Can Open Over 3 Million Door Locks, Mainly at Hotels

🚨 Researchers uncover a major security flaw in keycard-powered door systems used in hotels worldwide. With over 3 million locks affected, it's crucial for both guests and hotel staff to take proactive measures to mitigate the risk.
❓ Have you thought about how much we rely on technology to keep us safe in the physical world?
#HotelSecurity #SecurityAlert #StaySafe

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Tennessee becomes first US state with law protecting musicians from AI

🎵 Exciting news for musicians! Tennessee has just become the first US state to enact a law safeguarding artists from unauthorized use by artificial intelligence. Governor Bill Lee signed the ELVIS Act into law, providing crucial protections for musicians' voices in the age of AI.
❓ Do you think similar legislation should be implemented in other states or countries?
#ELVISAct #MusicProtection #AIRegulation

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Firefighter accused of sexually preying on 2 Utah pre-teens via social media

🔥 The alarming reality of online predators hits close to home as a Pennsylvania firefighter is accused of preying on two Utah pre-teens via social media. Parents everywhere are urged to stay vigilant and keep communication open with their children.
❓ Have you ever had an experience where you felt uneasy about someone's behavior online? How did you handle it?
#onlinesafety #protectourkids #staysafeonline

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Leading adviser quits over Instagram’s failure to remove self-harm content

🗣️ A leading psychologist resigns from Meta's expert group, accusing the tech giant of ignoring harmful content on Instagram. Are social media platforms prioritizing profit over user safety?
❓ What steps should tech giants take to ensure a safer online environment?
#onlinesafety #techethics #socialmediasafety

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Banks Aren’t Doing Enough to Protect Customers From Scams

🏦 Venessa’s experience with Wells Fargo highlights the growing concerns around customer vulnerability. It's time for banks to prioritize safety over profits.
❓ Are banks doing enough to protect you from scams?
#customerprotection #bankingscams #scamawareness

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Is Social Media Toxic? What To Do About It

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Is social media really toxic? Dive into this insightful article discussing the negative impacts and what we can do about it.
❓ What's your take on the potential toxicity of social media and how we can make it a healthier space for everyone?
#socialmediatoxicity #onlinewellness #bethechange

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