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Each week, we select several cyber safety and internet safety news feed articles to highlight on our social media accounts. Seen with a cyber ethics lens, these selected articles keep us abreast of when technology is used for bad—to inspire us to be aware and make necessary changes in our homes and at our schools. Conversely, when technology is used for good, let’s read all about it, celebrate the successes and bring these lessons to the forefront of our Tech Talk conversation starters.

Teens and Social Media Challenges

Ever wondered why young people take on social media challenges that risk their health and well-being? 🤔 Our research reveals four key motivators: social pressure, the desire for attention, entertainment value, and the contagion effect. Let's raise awareness to make informed choices! 💪 #SocialMediaChallenges
❓What's the most unusual or daring social media challenge you've ever come across, and why do you think people are drawn to participate in such challenges?

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Attention Fortnite parents! 🎮

Good news – if your kids made surprise purchases in the game, you might be eligible for a refund! The FTC's $520 million settlement with Epic Games includes $245 million in customer refunds. Check if you qualify and submit your claim by January 17, 2024. Learn more on the FTC's page. 💰 #FortniteRefunds #FTCSettlement
❓ Have your kids ever made unexpected purchases in online games like Fortnite? How do you feel about the option to get a refund now?

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🤝 Building Healthy Connections

In today's digital age, cyberbullying is a concern for teens. Research from the University of South Australia suggests that fostering social connections, positive friendships, and belonging can help kids cope with cyberbullying. #Cyberbullying #ParentingTips #OnlineSafety
❓ How do you encourage healthy online interactions with your children? Share your thoughts!

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Let’s Talk Tech 🗣️📲

👏 Our Founder and President, Ben Halpert, shares actionable tips for parents raising kids in today’s world full of technology in this month’s Atlanta Parent magazine!

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🚨 Beware of Job Scams!

If you're on the hunt for a remote job, it's crucial to stay vigilant and protect yourself from scammers preying on your interests. A job offering to "help LGBTQ+ people from home" may sound appealing, but here's the catch: Scammers aim to build trust by appealing to your passions. They hope you'll share personal information or deposit a suspicious check for "equipment costs." These are RED FLAGS for scams! 🚩 #JobScams
❓ Let’s keep our community safe! Have you had any remote companies that offered you a scam?

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📱 Social Media's Toll on Teachers

Teachers like Sari Beth Rosenberg are feeling the strain of managing social media in the classroom. 📚 Shortened attention spans, distractions, and mental health challenges are on the rise. While solutions are debated, teacher burnout remains a pressing issue. Change is needed to support both students and educators. #TeacherBurnout #SocialMediaImpact
❓ What ideas can we implement in the classroom to prevent this type of teacher burnout?

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🚨 MGM Resorts Hit by Cyber Attack 🚨

Las chaos! Guests locked out, Mandalay Bay, Bellagio affected. MGM responds, investigation underway. ATMs down, cash-only restaurants. Impact extends beyond Vegas. Financial data secure. Stay tuned for updates! #MGMCyberAttack #LasVegasLockoutVegas

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🎮 Call of Duty's AI-Powered Speech Police 🚫

Activision cracks down on 'toxic speech' in Call of Duty with AI. No opt-out for players. Penalties for violators, including cyberbullying. Beta already underway, full rollout soon. Reflects growing trend in online censorship. Your thoughts? 👇 #CallOfDutyAI #OnlineGaming #Censorship

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Big Tech's Political Ad Shift

X (formerly Twitter) allowing political ads again raises concerns about misinformation. But it's not alone. YouTube and Meta have also made policy reversals. This, coupled with AI advancements, poses 2024 challenges. 🤖📰 Are platforms retreating from misinformation control? 🚫📣 Share your thoughts! 👇 #TechPolitics #Misinformation #AI

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