Screentime and Education

2024-02-08T09:29:23-05:00July 9, 2024|Blog|

By Jasmine London-Thomas In the past three years, children have become more accustomed to unlimited screen time. In school, what happens to kids who have unlimited screen time? This can lead to a decrease in academic performance. It also increases the risk of childhood obesity, due to sedentary lifestyles. [...]

The Power of Who and Why: How Two Simple Questions Can Increase Your Kids’ Media Savvy

2023-11-01T12:14:23-04:00November 30, 2023|Blog|

By Tylar Bloch When you’re reading the news, it’s easy to take the facts at face value. This is especially true when news comes in the form of social media posts and videos, where information can be presented enticingly and without much of the context needed to fully capture [...]

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