I’m on TikTok, but Your Elementary School Aged Child Probably Shouldn’t Be

2020-04-24T20:14:01+00:00March 12, 2020|Blog|

By Anonymous High School Student TikTok is a creative video sharing app that has become a very popular social media platform for all ages, including young children.  Like most social media apps, users must be 13+ to create a TikTok account. However, young kids know how to get around apps [...]

Gaming the System

2018-10-13T20:08:06+00:00October 18, 2017|Blog|

Kids like games. So why not use electronic games to teach internet safety principles? Read our latest Student Blog... Games That Teach Cyber Ethics: A middle schooler’s gaming review of Tad’s Profile Panic, Rescue Run, Password Plunder, and Cyberbully Cyber Attacks. Young people experience their world—academically and personally—through technology now [...]

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