I Make My Own Rules

Life is about making choices. How will you protect yourself and curate a positive digital reputation as you explore, learn, share and play online? Let Savvy Cyber Kids help you create your own Digital Bill of Rights to tell others what you expect from them and what they can expect from you.

In this exercise, you will notice that some of the items are meant to be shared to let people know how you expect to be treated by others; while other items are for you to decide how you will act and treat others online.

So, what does that mean? Do this activity twice and send yourself the results both times via email when you are done.

  • The first time, answer the questions for the way you expect others to treat you. Take a screen shot of your results and share it on your story and in a post on your social media accounts. Because you are using your cyber super powers for good, add the hashtag #cyberhero to your post and tag @savvycyberkids. By doing so, you may be selected to receive a small token of Savvy Cyber Kids’ appreciation.
  • The second time, answer the questions for the way you will behave and treat others online. Share it with your parents or other adults in your life. If you remember to apply your cyber ethics lessons, they will appreciate your choices.

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Teachers & Educators:

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Tip: When teaching the Bill of Rights in a social studies or political science class, this exercise is a great way to integrate digital citizenship into traditional curriculum.