Cyber Safety and Digital Parenting Tools

Social Media Parental Control – BARK

Device Parental Control – BARK

Parental Location Detection and Tracking – Life360

Web-filtering Browser – SPIN Safe Browser

In-home network parental control – Google WiFi

Web page and public posting auto-search – Google Alerts

Anti-Virus and Malicious Code Protection (Mac and PC) – Malwarebytes

Password Manager – Bitwarden

Backup software – One Backup by SpiderOak

Secure External USB Storage – Apricorn Aegis Padlock

Secure Email – ProtonMail

VPN Client for devices (Create a free ProtonMail account first then sign into ProtonVPN) – ProtonVPN

First Phone – BARK

Cybersecurity and Privacy Services and Support for you and your family – The Cyber Health Company

Use all software listed above is at your own risk; these are all third party services not controlled by Savvy Cyber Kids. Some of these suggested products are free while others may have a fee associated with them. We are an affiliate for a couple product suggestions as well, meaning if you visit their site and decide to purchase, the companies will make a donation to Savvy Cyber Kids based on your purchase. Thank you for your support!