Savvy Cyber Kids (SCK), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to enable youth, families and school communities to be empowered by technology, recognizes that children are “Digital Naives” who, without intervention, completely lack understanding of the implications of their digital actions.

Founded in 2007 by Internet security expert, noted speaker and author Ben Halpert, Savvy Cyber Kids provides resources for parents and teachers to educate children as they grow up in a world surrounded by technology by teaching numerous Cyber Safety & Ethics concepts such as personal Internet safety, bully response, technology balance, digital reputation and privacy.

As children grow older they interact with technology in a variety of ways, often without supervision. The reality is that when children can access the internet independently, it’s like taking the front door off the house and inviting strangers in—potentially toxic ones—to interact with them. Despite what the media will say, the danger is not with a specific app or game—it’s the decisions and the actions children are taking in these apps and games that may be dangerous.

Savvy Cyber Kids teaches today’s children—from preschool to high school—how to remain safe and be empowered to make appropriate decisions in the online world, by engaging the commitment of parents, teachers and the community to raise awareness and impart a sense of Cyber Safety & Ethics into the minds of children.


For media inquiries, email Ben Halpert at info@savvycyberkids.org.