Why You Shouldn’t Share Passwords (and When You Should)

2018-10-29T19:17:58+00:00 November 21, 2018|Blog|

While security tools will, no doubt, change in the weeks, months and years ahead, passwords will likely remain a part of healthy security hygiene. Password management is a personal grooming habit that you need to be sure to teach your kids. If they don’t learn basic password management skills from [...]

Want to engage more with your grandchildren? Try Technology!

2018-10-15T16:09:24+00:00 October 21, 2018|Blog|

Have you heard? We are living in the ‘Digital Age.’ Got grandkids? Then you are grandparenting Digital Natives, young people born into a world that is, if not defined by technology, then certainly surrounded by technology in ever-evolving ways. This means, like it or not, you are a Digital Grandparent. [...]

Child Predators are Targeting Your Kids through the Apps and Games Your Kids Love

2018-10-13T20:03:11+00:00 July 13, 2018|Blog|

Watch this…but be prepare to be frightened for your children. https://www.facebook.com/polkcountysheriff/videos/10155495055066818/   This is real. And this happens all of the time. Child predators are online alongside your children, playing the same games that your children play and are using the same apps. Experts estimate that 750,000 child predators [...]

A Credit Freeze Can Keep You And Your Loved Ones Safe

2018-10-13T20:05:58+00:00 February 28, 2018|Blog|

Identity theft is on the rise. According to Javelin Strategy & Research, more than 15 million consumers—one in every 16 U.S. adults—were victims of identity theft in 2016. While chip technology reduced card-cloning by 52 percent, criminal activity increased 40 percent in card-not present fraud, like online purchases where chips [...]