What Parents & Teachers Are Saying About Savvy Cyber Kids

Thanks for the great info at Davis the other night. We just had our tech talk with our 3 girls. Hope to continue the dialogue regularly. I forwarded your info. to the principal at St. Francis. We have an 8th grader there now. I hope they will reach out to you to have you speak to the students and parents as you did at Davis. SO GREAT!! SO important!!! Thanks again!
— Parent of Student Session Attendee

I am so thankful for Ben Halpert and Savvy Cyber Kids! Great job educating us (young and old) about staying safer online.
—Titania Jordan

I was fortunate enough to hear Ben Halpert of Savvy Cyber Kids speak at an Atlanta Speech School event. His expertise helped open my eyes to habits that I should be instilling (or not instilling) in my children and for my family! He captivated the entire room. Highly recommend!
—Carrie England Lanier

I was super happy with the information my daughter came home with re: being internet safe—she took immediate action & she seemed to really get it. So glad this was provided for our kids.
—Savvy Cyber Kids Parent Session Attendee

By speaking with our parent body, middle school student body, and faculty, Ben helped us build a communal language regarding online safety and citizenship. He helped us connect school and home in a way that promotes healthy conversations with our students and children around the reality of their digital lives. Because of his informative and solutions-based presentations, we feel educated and equipped to engage in safe online experiences.
—Heather Karvis, Dean of Middle School Students, The Westminster Schools, Atlanta, GA

After the presentation, our high school students continued to discuss social media, what they will do differently with their online presence, and the importance of what they put online for the world to see. Thanks to Savvy Cyber Kids for increasing their awareness and helping our students to make thoughtful, and appropriate choices online.
—Pam Marbach MS, CRC, Academic Counselor, The Cottage School

Ben Halpert is a must-have speaker for any school interested in promoting the positive aspects of technology and cyber ethics. His practical advice will help even the most seasoned user, and it certainly helps those of us who are parents of Generation Z children.
—Teresa Tamel, Middle School Principal, Cornerstone Christian Academy

We were impressed with how Ben captured the attention of audiences improved our community’s awareness about the importance of integrating online safety into the routine—both at home and at school.
—Stacy Brown, 21st-Century Learning Coordinator, The Davis Academy

It is essential that educators are aware of the opportunities and risks within the digital arenas—where our students venture for school work and for their own purposes. Educators need to engage in dialogue about how to instruct students to seize the opportunities while minimizing the risk. Savvy Cyber Kids empowers digitally safe learning.
—Drew Frank, Associate Head of School & Principal of The Davis Academy

We were extremely pleased with the Savvy Cyber Kids program. Ben engaged the students in fun and informative assemblies. Our student assemblies were followed by a parent-only event which was both eye-opening and very necessary. Many fellow parents later thanked the PTA for bringing Ben to our school, and we all will benefit from the new insight into how best to help our children navigate their new online lives.
—Gail Price, VP of Operations & Student Support, Inman Middle School PTA

Your presentation was incredibly informative and terribly sobering, even for me who thinks he’s pretty technologically aware. Both of my children were very ready to talk about your presentations and you got two thumbs up. I had the longest one-on-one talk with my 13-year-old daughter that I have had in a long time. It was very positive. Please keep up your good work; I was really inspired by what you are doing.
—Cyber Ethics Parent Session Attendee

Ben is so skilled at staying current with the latest trends in the ever-changing landscape of the online world. He gives students, educators, and parents alike some very practical steps for promoting positive digital citizenship and using technology for positive purposes.
—Dr. Scott Hamilton, Assistant Head of School for Academics, The Howard School

The presentation from Savvy Cyber Kids had a sobering effect on our students. It helped them realize the importance of reducing their vulnerability online and gave them concrete steps they can take to protect themselves.
—Mary Giattina, Guidance Counselor, The Galloway School

We were thrilled to welcome Ben to St. Francis. He did a great job of educating our faculty, parents, and students on the incredible opportunities that technology brings, as well as how to be safe and smart when using technology. This information is imperative for educators, parents, and students as we try to navigate and utilize the world of technology and social media. Thank you, Ben, for such an amazing presentation!
—Amber McConnel, NCC, Counseling Department Head, Saint Francis High School

I was so impressed with Ben’s ability to capture and sustain the interest of our upper elementary and middle school students and their parents.  His sense of humor and ability to relate got his audiences talking and thinking about cyber safety in a new way. I highly recommend Savvy Cyber Kids for talking with students and parents alike.
—Nikki Torres, Associate Head for Elementary & Middle Learning, Springmont School

Feedback for the Savvy Cyber Kids at Home Book Series

NCSA applauds Savvy Cyber Kids. Their effort to reach pre-school age children is critical to our evolution as a digital culture.
—Michael Kaiser, Executive Director of the National Cyber Security Alliance

The most important gift a parent can receive is peace of mind. I applaud Savvy Cyber Kids for knowing the importance of teaching children how to protect themselves while online and at an age where they still listen to the wisdom of their parents.
—Sarah Ban Breathnach, Founder, Simple Abundance Charitable Trust

It is imperative that we start educating our children about how to make wise choices online as early as possible. Web Wise Kids is thrilled to see Savvy Cyber Kids educating children at the beginning of their lives online.
—Judi Westberg Warren, President, Web Wise Kids

Savvy Cyber Kids is taking an important focus on the youngest kids online. As a parent of an 8-year-old and a 16-year-old, I have witnessed firsthand the interest of younger and younger kids to find online interests, communities and education. Savvy Cyber Kids understands that educating the kids and parents on being safe online needs to start well before kids start playing and learning online.
—Mark Goebel, IT Strategy and Council Consulting Director, Girl Scouts of the USA

A fun way to get kids interested in a topic vital to their own safety—and ours as well.
—Larry Clinton, President & CEO, Internet Security Alliance

The Savvy Cyber Kids book series are an excellent tool for parents to open a dialogue with their kids about protecting their identities online. We applaud Savvy Cyber Kids for bringing focus to this critical issue.
—Hord Tipton, CISSP, Executive Director for (ISC)2


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