A Problem of Stranger Danger: Book Review of Textrovert by Lindsay Summers

2018-10-13T20:08:23+00:00October 4, 2017|Blog|

Students of all ages experience their world—academically and personally—through technology now more than ever. We recently launched a new program where students can submit book, game, and app reviews to have published on the Savvy Cyber Kids Student Blog. Get your kids writing and published (all author names are listed [...]

Gaming the System: Games That Teach Cyber Ethics

2018-10-13T20:08:33+00:00September 30, 2017|Student Reviews|

Kids like games. So why not use electronic games to teach internet safety principles? Read more here to see a middle schooler’s review of games for first through fifth graders. Tad’s Profile Panic Any age that likes mazes Internet Safety- 2/5 General Game- 2/5 Tad’s Profile Panic is a repetitive [...]

A Problem of Stranger Danger

2018-10-13T20:10:40+00:00March 27, 2017|Student Reviews|

Book Review: Textrovert by Lindsay Summers; Review by Ava Geller. Textrovert by Lindsay Summers is a hilarious and engaging book. It takes place in modern times where everyone already has iPhones. While some books take a little while to actually engage me, not in this one. It all starts off when Keeley, [...]

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