Want to engage more with your grandchildren? Try Technology!

2018-10-15T16:09:24+00:00October 21, 2018|Blog|

Have you heard? We are living in the ‘Digital Age.’ Got grandkids? Then you are grandparenting Digital Natives, young people born into a world that is, if not defined by technology, then certainly surrounded by technology in ever-evolving ways. This means, like it or not, you are a Digital Grandparent. [...]

Want to engage more with your grandchildren? Get on Instagram!

2018-10-13T20:03:27+00:00June 28, 2018|Blog|

Sometimes you just have to meet folks where they are at. And, your grandchildren, where are they? Geography aside, they are at Instagram, among other social media platforms. That's the beauty of technology, your grandkids could be living down the street from you or a continent away, Instagram doesn’t care. [...]

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