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Momo Viral Challenge

2018-10-13T20:01:10+00:00 September 7, 2018|Blog|

NOT A GAME: The Momo Viral Challenge Not that long ago, we warned you about the Blue Whale Challenge, an online ‘game’ that ends in its participants committing suicide based on game instructions. Circulating right now across Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp is another similarly dangerous game – The Momo Challenge. [...]

What We Can Learn From Celebrities on Social Media

2018-10-13T20:01:25+00:00 August 28, 2018|Blog|

Thanks to social media, fans and critics alike have access to celebrities’ lives -- or at least, the version of their lives that celebrities choose to curate online. It’s an insider’s viewpoint that before the advent of social media was simply not possible. Today’s celebrities post on Instagram, share on [...]

Child Predators are Targeting Your Kids through the Apps and Games Your Kids Love

2018-10-13T20:03:11+00:00 July 13, 2018|Blog|

Watch this…but be prepare to be frightened for your children. https://www.facebook.com/polkcountysheriff/videos/10155495055066818/   This is real. And this happens all of the time. Child predators are online alongside your children, playing the same games that your children play and are using the same apps. Experts estimate that 750,000 child predators [...]

Want to engage more with your grandchildren? Get on Instagram!

2018-10-13T20:03:27+00:00 June 28, 2018|Blog|

Sometimes you just have to meet folks where they are at. And, your grandchildren, where are they? Geography aside, they are at Instagram, among other social media platforms. That's the beauty of technology, your grandkids could be living down the street from you or a continent away, Instagram doesn’t care. [...]