By Jasmine London-Thomas

Background Info:

You may have come across a video that has gone viral on your favorite social media platform when you log on. As a matter of fact, it can sometimes lead to good things like videos showing people doing good deeds, but at other times it can lead to bad things, such as the Gorilla Glue lady in 2020, who went viral for bad reasons.


  • “9% of teens think social media has had a mostly negative effect on them personally, that share rises to 32% when the same question is framed about people their age”
  • “40% of teens say they often or sometimes decide not to post something on social media because they worry people might use it to embarrass them.”

Parents and Educators:

Having the experience of being a preteen or teenager can be quite challenging as everything around you is changing and you are figuring out who you are at the same time. It is important for parents to have an open line of communication with their children because sometimes it is difficult for them to talk to their parents for fear of getting into trouble because they may be scared of getting into trouble. Another way educators could help their students is to discuss how although going viral these days can be a good thing as you can get good opportunities such as working with brands but also explain how it can affect their lives in a negative way such as being bullied and being humiliated.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Do you think about what you post online?
  2. Do you and your friends talk about what you want to create before you post it online?
  3. What information do you consider harmless?
  4. Do you think the videos you post now will be harmless or not harmless to you in 15 years?
  5. What do you think makes a video go viral?
  6. What advantages and disadvantages do you think going viral has


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