Back to school is almost here and our kids are getting ready to greet the new school year with excitement and anticipation. As our kids get older, we hope that some of the earliest lessons from preschool years are still remembered, lessons like ‘be kind to others’ and ‘treat others as you would like to be treated’ come to mind.

We are who our kids look to for guidance in the digital age, as they grow up online and connected like never before, both in and out of school. This means that the adults (that’s us!) in young people’s lives have a responsibility to guide them with a comprehensive cyber safety and cyber ethics education.

Mistakes today’s kids can make online can have lasting negative impact on their lifelong success. Take this example from the football coach at Arkansas Tech University:

Hear that, parents and educators? Our kids’ “thumbs are killing [their] opportunities.” Don’t let your kid’s or student’s social media missteps limit their future!

As your school plans its programming year, reach out to Savvy Cyber Kids and bring Ben Halpert to your school for customizable, age-appropriate cyber safety and cyber ethics sessions for pre-school through high school students, parents, and teachers.

Choose from customizable session topics:

  • Preschool through First Grade: Introducing Cyber Safety and The Savvy Cyber Kids Super Heroes
  • 2nd through 4th Grade: Technology, Privacy & You
  • 5th through 8th Grade: Think Before You Connect
  • 9th through 12th Grade: Real vs. Virtual You
  • Parent: Digital Native or Digital Naïve?
  • Educator: Teaching with Technology
  • NEW – Parent: Video Gaming & Esports, What You Need to Know
  • NEW – Sports Teams: How to Represent On & Off The Field

The Savvy Cyber Kids Cyber Ethics and Cyber Safety Programs gives children the “modern street smarts” that are required for them to thrive online and in life.

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