Without a doubt, today’s children are growing up in a world largely defined by technology, yet completely lack understanding of the implications of their digital actions. As children grow older they interact with technology in a variety of ways, often without supervision. The reality is that when children can access the internet independently, it’s like taking the front door off the house and inviting strangers in—potentially toxic ones—to interact with them.

Despite what the media will say, the danger is not with a specific app or game—it’s the decisions and the actions children are taking in these apps and games that may be dangerous.

We have a responsibility to teach the first generation of digital natives that there are real-life consequences for digital actions.

Through Savvy Cyber Kid’s HERO Volunteer Program, you can help children from Pre-K through 1st grade learn how to remain safe and be empowered to make appropriate decisions in the digital world.

  • Reach out to your local schools and make them aware of SavvyCyberKids.org as a resource to strengthen their digital citizenship and cyber ethics programming.
  • Volunteer to read the Savvy Cyber Kids at Home Book Series at your local schools and lead the Savvy Cyber Kids lessons plans for each book for children Pre-K through first grade.
  • Place the Savvy Cyber Kids at Home Book Series in your local school libraries. For descriptions of each book, and links to purchase on Amazon, visit: https://savvycyberkids.org/resources/the-savvy-cyber-kids-at-home-book-series/
  • Email us at info@savvycyberkids.org to let us know the school where you read and placed the books.
  • Follow us on social media and share our posts:

By engaging the commitment of parents, teachers and the community, we can raise awareness and impart a sense of cyber ethics into the minds of children. We invite you to be a Savvy Cyber Kids Volunteer HERO at your local schools!

To sign up, visit https://savvycyberkids.org/support/volunteer/.

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