ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Savvy Cyber Kids, Inc., an Atlanta based nonprofit focused on teaching children safety before they go online, today announced that McAfee has selected Savvy Cyber Kids, Inc. to provide cyber safety awareness materials to all Georgia Preschool and Pre-K programs.

“As technology evolves, so do the threats to our children,” said Ben Halpert, Founder and President of Savvy Cyber Kids, Inc. “The Internet puts our children front and center to all forms of threats, from cyber bullying to online predators. Teaching children appropriate responses to potential situations they may encounter as they learn to navigate online must start as early as possible.”

Savvy Cyber Kids, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit, created an award-winning program designed to enable educators to easily integrate cyber safety education in preschool and pre-K classrooms.

“McAfee is excited to be working with Savvy Cyber Kids to enable the youngest learners in the State of Georgia to get the technological head-start they need in today’s always connected world,” said Michael Busselen, senior vice president of External Affairs at McAfee. “As part of the McAfee Online Safety for Kids program, we are dedicated to educating kids and their parents about using the Internet safely.”

Savvy Cyber Kids, Inc. has created two story books that follow the adventures of a brother and a sister as they explore the marvels of the Internet and learn valuable lessons along the way. Complimentary lesson plans and activity sheets will guide educators on the most effective way to present and educate our children.

McAfee has provided a grant that enables Savvy Cyber Kids to provide the first Savvy Cyber Kids book, The Family Gets a Computer, along with associated lesson plans and activity sheets, to Georgia based preschool and pre-K programs.

Preschool and pre-K programs in the State of Georgia will be notified via email and postal mail of how to receive their free cyber safety materials to provide children with the head start they need to be safe online.

McAfee Cares – Online Safety for Kids

McAfee, in collaboration with the National Cyber Security Alliance, matches industry volunteers with schools in communities where its employees live and work to use their professional expertise to help kids stay safe online. More information can be found at

About McAfee

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About Savvy Cyber Kids, Inc.

The mission of Savvy Cyber Kids, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is to teach kids safety before they go online. Savvy Cyber Kids has created an award-winning curriculum that focuses on engraining cyber bully response, security awareness, privacy, and ethics into the minds of preschool aged children. Targeting children at the preschool level will enable appropriate decision making to be second nature as our children mature surrounded by a world filled with interactive technology.