You Can Help

Help young children learn about important cyber safety and cyber ethic concepts such as personal internet safety, bully response, technology balance, digital reputation and privacy.

  • Reach out to your local schools and make them aware of SavvyCyberKids.org asa resource to strengthen their digital citizenship and cyber ethics programming
  • Volunteer to read the Savvy Cyber Kids at Home Book Series at your local schools and lead the Savvy Cyber Kids lessons plans for each book for children Pre-K through first grade.
  • Place the Savvy Cyber Kids at Home Book Series in your local school libraries. For descriptions of each book, and links to purchase on Amazon, visit our Savvy Cyber Kids Books For Children page. Please purchase at least one full set (all three books) to bring with you and leave behind at the school you visit.
  • Download the free lesson plans and activity sheets by using the form below to sign up.
  • Email us at info@savvycyberkids.org to let us know the school where you read and placed the books.
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