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Each week, we select several cyber safety and internet safety news feed articles to highlight on our social media accounts. Seen with a cyber ethics lens, these selected articles keep us abreast of when technology is used for bad—to inspire us to be aware and make necessary changes in our homes and at our schools. Conversely, when technology is used for good, let’s read all about it, celebrate the successes and bring these lessons to the forefront of our Tech Talk conversation starters.

The Terrifying A.I. Scam That Uses Your Loved One’s Voice

🗣️ The rise of AI-powered voice cloning has led to an alarming increase in scams, including one where scammers impersonate loved ones in distress.
❓ How do you think advancements in AI technology impact our ability to trust the authenticity of communication, especially in situations like emergency calls or financial transactions?
#aiscams #voicecloning #staysafe

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Former Northeastern coach sentenced to five years in prison for sextortion, cyberstalking

📰 Disturbing revelations emerge as former Northeastern coach, Steve Waithe, receives a 5-year prison sentence for cyber fraud, sextortion, and cyberstalking.
❓ How do you think incidents like this impact trust in authority figures, especially in educational or coaching roles?
#childprotection #protectourkids #sextortion

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Teachers are embracing ChatGPT-powered grading

💯 Teachers are adopting ChatGPT-powered grading with open arms! From grade 3 to 12, educators are harnessing the power of AI to streamline feedback and empower students.
❓ How do you feel about the integration of AI in education?
#writable #ai #educationevolution

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Outraged Mom Says Her Once Outgoing Teen Became Unrecognizable After Hours on Social Media

📲 Protect Your Teens: The Dark Side of TikTok Revealed. A concerned mother shares her story of how her once-outgoing daughter transformed after hours spent on TikTok. Learn about the legal action being taken and how you can safeguard your child's mental health.
❓ What's one social media trend you've noticed recently that you find concerning or worrisome?
#parentpower #stoptiktokharm #onlinesafety

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Southern Utah man sentenced after being found with videos depicting abuse of children

📷 A sobering reminder of the ongoing battle against online exploitation: a man sentenced after possessing appalling videos of child abuse. This case underscores the crucial need for continued vigilance and action to protect our children from harm.
❓ What measures can you take to prevent your child from being a victim of child sexual predators as they grow up online?
#childprotection #protectourkids #stophumantrafficking

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Welcome to the Era of BadGPTs

💻 Welcome to the Era of BadGPTs. Cybercrime just got a turbocharge with the rise of BadGPT & FraudGPT, nefarious chatbots lurking in the dark web. Hackers are leveraging AI akin to ChatGPT to fuel phishing scams, deepfakes, & tailored malware.
❓ What are your thoughts on the increasing use of AI by cybercriminals, like the rise of BadGPT and FraudGPT?
#aisecurity #cyberthreats #cybersecurity

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FEATURE: How the toy industry is playing with AI

🤖 Exciting times ahead! The toy industry is diving deep into the world of Artificial Intelligence. Execs from WowWee, Mego, and ROYBI share insights on how AI is transforming everything from design to production. Read more on Kidscreen!
❓ With AI making its mark on the toy industry, what are your thoughts on the integration of technology into kids' play experiences?
#ai #toyindustry #innovation

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AI-generated video is here to awe and mislead

🎥 As OpenAI's Sora dazzles with its ability to create mesmerizing videos, questions arise about its limitations and potential biases.
❓ How might AI-generated content impact creativity, misinformation, and society as a whole?
#techethics #creativefuture #aiimpact

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The five scary social media trends every parent should know about

💡 Knowledge is power! Nicole Jameson sheds light on the ever-evolving landscape of social media trends, urging parents to educate themselves about the risks and consequences their kids might face online. Take a proactive approach to digital parenting and stay informed about the latest challenges and trends.
❓ Given the rapid evolution of social media trends and their potential impact on our children, what steps do you take to stay informed and safeguard their online experiences?
#socialmediatrends #parentingtips #digitalparenting

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Verizon insider data breach hits over 63,000 employees

📲 Privacy breach at Verizon! An employee gains unauthorized access to sensitive data affecting 63,206 colleagues. While the telecom giant reinforces internal safeguards, impacted individuals are offered identity theft protection.
❓ How can companies better protect employee data?
#databreach #verizon #employeeprivacy

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Wyze says camera breach let 13,000 customers briefly see into other people’s homes

📷 Your privacy matters! Wyze's recent security incident saw 13,000 users inadvertently peeping into others' homes due to a third-party glitch. Learn how the company is enhancing safeguards to prevent future breaches.
❓ How much does a company's response to a security breach affect your trust in their products or services?
#securitybreach #privacyconcerns #protectyourprivacy

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The ‘Dorito Theory’ explained — and how it could help you break an addiction to social media

📵 Are you stuck in the endless scroll? The 'Dorito Theory' sheds light on why unsatisfying activities like mindless social media scrolling can become addictive. Take control of your digital habits and reclaim your time and mental well-being.
❓ How do you navigate the balance between staying connected online and avoiding the pitfalls of digital addiction?
#doritotheory #breaktheaddiction #digitalwellbeing

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