Watch this…but be prepare to be frightened for your children.

Polk County Sheriff's Office News Conference: Fundora Arrest

Sheriff Grady Judd is briefing the media and our Facebook fans about the arrest of 23-year-old Jonathan Diaz Fundora, whose Facebook profile name is El Yoni King Diaz (Chojo Akimichi) – he traveled to Polk County from Miami to have sex with a 10-year-old Polk County girl who he met and groomed online. Deputies caught him at a Lakeland motel, and rescued the girl. Click here to read the news release: To see Fundora being arrested, click here:

Posted by Polk County Sheriff's Office on Thursday, March 29, 2018


This is real. And this happens all of the time. Child predators are online alongside your children, playing the same games that your children play and are using the same apps. Experts estimate that 750,000 child predators are online at any given time grooming kids just like yours. If your child is largely unsupervised when playing video games and if chat features are enabled via these games, that gaming console is essentially an invitation for child predators to come into your home and interact with your child. And the social media apps your kids use (Snapchat, Instagram, Musically, and many more) are the same places child predators spend their time. Why? Because that’s where their targets are.

The details of this child abduction from the Polk County Sherriff’s Office in Florida are horrifying, from how the 10-year-old child met her abductor online six weeks ahead of the crime, to the very painful details of what the child experienced at the hands of her abductor.

What can we learn from this? Listen, really listen to the pleas from the Polk County Sherriff. Do you hear what he is saying? Get involved and stay involved in your child’s digital life.

“You have got to know what your children are doing. You have got to monitor their electronic devices. You have got to make sure that you keep up every day, in every way, with what they are doing online…There are child predators out here seeking out your children to groom them and ultimately to sexually batter them.”

The crazy thing is that this story had what can definitively be called a ‘good’ ending! And by good ending, we mean she was rescued alive. The child was rescued thanks to the diligent and remarkably quick efforts of law enforcement. But make no mistake, this child did not escape unharmed and will suffer from the scars of this terrifyingly sexually abusive experience for the rest of her life.

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