While at home awaiting the arrival of my sweet child from middle school, I received (and answered) the following text messages.

My first thought was “Oh, sh*t.” Then I took a deep breath. “You got this, tell her you will talk about it when she gets home.”  See what I did there, I responded with ‘we will TALK about it.” Having conversations around technology use with your family should be a DAILY occurance.

My second thought was “OK, here we go! Time to pull out the Digital Parenting Savvy Cyber Kids cyberhero skills. So, here is what I did.


  • Went to commonsensemedia.org, searched for the app zooroom.
  • Results – Nothing found. Damn, this app is too new.


  • Googled zooroom
  • Results – Found the Apple itunes app store and Google play store links. Then saw the company’s site, zooroom.chat


  • Went to zooroom.chat
  • Result – ALARMS GOING OFF. NO REGISTRATION !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!


  • I went to read the apps reviews. I always ignore the 5 star reviews and look for what is really going on in the user community.
  • Result – ALARMS GOING OFF!?!?!?!?!?!?!!  See selected reviews below.


  • Decided to research a better alternative for live video chat with more than one person at a time to present to my child. Went back to commonsensemedia.org and search for “group video chat”
  • Result – narrowed in on two options that have been reviewed for for younger kids (13+ vs 17+/18+). After reading about Fam and Houseparty, I decided Houseparty would actually be the best fit for my child’s needs.


  • Set up House party WITH my middle schooler.

Is your child’s school work collaborative and does he or she need access to a tool for live group video chat?  Here are the steps we took to download and install Houseparty in a safe and secure way. Follow these steps (and share with your child’s friends and their parents) so that you can feel safe about your teen on a group video chat.


  • Ask your parents if you can use the group video chat app Houseparty.
  • Download the app when given permission.
  • When setting up a new account:
    • Do NOT use a profile picture.
    • Use one of your parent’s email addresses (ask them which one to use).
    • Do not put in your real name (a single letter will work just fine).
    • For your username, make sure it does not have your real name in it.
    • Skip (top-right of screen in gray) – Do NOT enter phone number.
    • Address book – click next and then DON’T ALLOW when asked.
    • Skip (top-right of screen in gray) – Do NOT connect to facebook.
    • On the permissions screen, make these selections:
      • Allow camera and microphone access.
      • For Notifications – tap the circle and select if you want to be notified.
      • For Enable Location – tap the circle and select DON’T ALLOW.
    • You will see ADD Friends green button, tap it and select Add By Name and type in all of your usernames for the group chat.
    • Start using the app!


  • Only connect with people you know in real life!
  • Lock the room once all of you are in the group video chat
  • Deny all requests to connect unless you know the person in real life.
  • Tell your parents if something strange happens with the app

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