No matter which side of the political landscape you identify most with, our curious and information-seeking human nature makes us naturally susceptible to news that gives validity to our political, emotional and social leanings.

So, what’s a person seeking the truth about what is actually happening in the world around them to do? Take a moment and look at this chart.


The chart lists some of the most well-known media sources out there and places them on a scale from real to fake (or garbage as they call it). The closer the media source is to the center of the chart, the more objectively factual they are. Farther from the center are media that more accurately represent opinion, if not political entertainment.

Find your facts in the middle. Remember, even if it looks like news, it might not be – on either side of the partisan coin. Identify your favorite media on the chart and ask yourself how you may be operating with slanted …ahem, alternative facts.

Our kids are growing up surrounded with nonstop access to minute-by-minute news and information. Take the time to share this chart with them to ensure that they grow up with the critical thinking skills that permit them to own their informed opinion and not be a victim to the influence of fake news.

By Ben Halpert