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Help Us Grow

Investment in Savvy Cyber Kids will permit the expansion of the programming platform and the development of new cyber ethics resources for educators and parents.

The Teacher’s Kit

  • Tech Talk Cards for Educators: Conversation cards for classroom use by teachers and students together, strengthening critical-thinking skills and encouraging appropriate cyber decision-making.
  • In-class Educator Videos: A series of brief, entertaining cyber ethics lessons for use in classrooms as taking points or topic introductions.
  • Curriculum Enhancement Guides: A series of ongoing educator communications and downloadable curriculum enhancement guides that will show how teachers can incorporate cyber ethics into subjects they are already teaching and merge this important topic within the overall blueprint for education.
  • School Engagement Programming: Interactive programming to grow school-based awareness of cyber ethics, beginning with the launch of Savvy Cyber Kids STEM Night curriculum for age-level materials for volunteer-led cyber ethics education.
  • Digital Bill of Rights: I Make My Own Rules: An interactive, student-focused exercise teachers can use to teach students how to make the best decisions online so that they use their cyber super powers for good.

The Parent’s Kit

  • Tech Talk Cards for Parents: Conversation cards that get parents involved in their children’s digital worlds and help kids learn appropriate cyber decision-making.
  • Kindle Free Digital Parenting Guide: A parent’s guide to getting and staying involved in their child’s digital activities.
  • Digital Parenting Video: An accompaniment to the Parenting Guide, this video will highlight best practices for digital parenting.
  • Savvy Cyber Kids Recommends: An online resource with suggested books that talk about technology and children’s relationship to technology, alongside software, hardware, app and game resource information and recommendations.

Become a Savvy Cyber Kids Individual Donor

Support Savvy Cyber Kids to teach today’s children how to remain safe and be empowered to make appropriate decisions in the online world. Since 2007, we have engaged the commitment of parents, teachers and the community to raise awareness and impart a sense of cyber ethics into the minds of children.