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A Typical Afternoon of Digital Parenting Today’s Youth (also known as my child)

By | April 18, 2018|

While at home awaiting the arrival of my sweet child from middle school, I received (and answered) the following text messages. My first thought was “Oh, sh*t.” Then I took a deep breath. “You got this, tell her you will talk about it when she gets home.”  See what I did there, I responded with ‘we will TALK about it.” Having conversations around technology use with your family should be [...]


The Real You vs. Social Media You: How Social Media Is Shaping People’s Perception Of You

By | April 8, 2018|

No need to wait for a new year to roll around for a little introspection that can always be a helpful and healthful approach to making positive changes in your life. Maybe you are taking some time to take stock of the past and to make plans for the future. As you go through this process, don’t forget to take a moment and scroll back on your social media accounts. [...]


Online Shopping… Is It Safe?

By | March 28, 2018|

Many of us already rely on online shopping for our everyday needs, likely from known retailers we return to on a regular basis. While you may feel comfortable making online purchases, be careful when shopping for unique gifts, specialty items or if you come across a terrific deal. Don't forget to stay safe online. Shopping from the convenience of your couch, commuter train or local coffee shop, using phones, tablets [...]


How To Respond to Your Child’s Cyber Ethics Mistake

By | March 18, 2018|

There is one thing you can bet on about kids. They will make mistakes. Maybe it’s their under-developed brains that can’t entirely weigh consequences until somewhere around their mid-20’s. Or maybe it’s just the very process of growing up. Kids try new things. They explore. Curiosity and desire rule their minds. This has and will always be true. What’s different now is that kids growing up in the Digital Age [...]


To Post or Not To Post?

By | March 8, 2018|

As a young person growing up in the Digital Age, your voice has tremendous reach thanks to social media platforms. From Snapchat to Instagram to Twitter and more, you can assert yourself as you wish: to express, to challenge, to inform—and also, to criticize, to mock, to gloat, to hurt and to bait—really whatever you want to say because you live in America and have freedom of speech, right? Nope. [...]


A Credit Freeze Can Keep You And Your Loved Ones Safe

By | February 28, 2018|

Identity theft is on the rise. According to Javelin Strategy & Research, more than 15 million consumers—one in every 16 U.S. adults—were victims of identity theft in 2016. While chip technology reduced card-cloning by 52 percent, criminal activity increased 40 percent in card-not present fraud, like online purchases where chips are not necessary. Meanwhile, high-jacking of existing accounts rose 31 percent and new account fraud increased over 20 percent. For [...]